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Vyriad, Inc.

Vyriad is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company established to realize the full potential of oncolytic viruses to impact cancer, alone or in combination with immune-oncology agents. The company is developing multiple unique viral platforms, focusing on systemic delivery, single cycle therapy and noninvasive tracking of the infection in treated patients using proprietary reporter gene technologies. The company has a broad technology base, dominating intellectual property position, and a superior lead clinical asset with proven clinical trials execution capability and in-house GMP manufacturing coming on stream in 2019. The early clinical data sets from ongoing Phase 1 trials are compelling and will be summarized in the presentation.

  • Date:Tuesday, February 12
  • Time:2:15 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Room:Hudson/Empire
  • Location:7th Floor
  • Session Type:Company Presentation
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  • Submission ID:22737
  • Company Presentation - Presentation Type:Privately Funded Company
  • Goal for Presentation:Increase awareness of our company and our products. Attract investment
  • Company Website:
  • Company HQ City:Rochester
  • Company HQ State:Minnesota
  • Company HQ Country:United States
  • Total Amount Raised to Date, in All Rounds:$35MM
  • Size of Last Investment Round:$10MM
  • CEO/Top Company Official:Stephen J. Russell, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Year Founded:2012
  • Main Therapeutic Focus:Oncology
  • Lead Product in Development:Voyager-V1, Oncolytic Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
  • Development Phase of Primary Product:Phase II
  • Number Of Unlicensed Products (For Which You Are Seeking Partners):Several
  • Additional Information/Comments:The company was formed as part of Mayo Clinic's recent entrepreneurial drive and is seen as a flagship company for the ongoing Destination Medical Center initiative which seeks to establish Rochester, Minnesota as a new biotechnology hub.
Kah-Whye Peng