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Zynerba Pharmaceuticals

  • Armando Anido, Zynerba Pharmaceuticals

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to developing next-generation transdermally-delivered cannabinoid therapeutics for patients affected by rare and near-rare neuropsychiatric conditions. Often, these diseases have few, if any, treatment options and can leave patients and their families feeling helpless and alone. Zynerba is committed to developing breakthrough therapies to transform the quality of lives of patients and their families as they battle these conditions.

Our goal is to advance the science of therapeutic cannabinoids, and to improve the lives of patients battling severe neuropsychiatric conditions including Fragile X syndrome (FXS), adult refractory focal epilepsy, and developmental and epileptic encephalopathies (DEE).

Our approach is to utilize our pharmaceutically-manufactured, penetration-enhanced transdermal cannabinoid product candidate to modulate pathways in the central nervous system that, when disrupted, cause certain neurological diseases.

  • Date:Monday, February 11
  • Time:2:00 PM - 2:15 PM
  • Room:Hudson/Empire
  • Location:7th Floor
  • Session Type:Company Presentation
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  • Submission ID:23301
  • Company Presentation - Presentation Type:Publicly Traded Company
  • Goal for Presentation:Investor visibility
  • Company Website:
  • Company HQ City:Devon
  • Company HQ State:Pennsylvania
  • Company HQ Country:United States
  • Market Cap:100M
  • Ticker:ZYNE
  • Exchange:NASDAQ
  • CEO/Top Company Official:Armando Anido
  • Year Founded:2014
  • Main Therapeutic Focus:CNS/Neurological
  • Lead Product in Development:ZYN002, pharmaceutically-manufactured CBD
  • Development Phase of Primary Product:Phase III
  • Number Of Unlicensed Products (For Which You Are Seeking Partners):2
Armando Anido
Zynerba Pharmaceuticals