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Market Outlook—Leveraging Market Corrections for M&A or IPOs

After a multi-year expansion of company formation and in biopharma valuations, 2018 was a year of heightened market volatility. Investors’ eagerness to support new modalities enabled more than 50 biotech IPOs, but with much less mature clinical development progress than traditionally demonstrated. More than half those companies are trading below their IPO prices, however, complicating conditions for the next new offering. As interest rate worries, international trade disputes, and regulatory reimbursement uncertainty have increased, biopharma stock indexes have seen significant corrections. With historically high valuations experiencing sudden dips, M&A deal-making seems to have reignited with notable, multi-billion dollar deals in recent weeks. This session will assemble market experts to discuss what forces continue to shape performance within the sector and what opportunities the market correction can reveal for investors and companies seeking resources to deliver the next wave of innovative therapies for patients.

Moderator: Sara Michelmore, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, MacDougall

  • Date:Monday, February 11
  • Time:4:30 PM - 5:45 PM
  • Room:Shubert Complex
  • Location:6th Floor
  • Session Type:Educational Panel
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Sara Michelmore
Katherine Andersen
Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)
Noël Brown
Cantor Fitzgerald
Andrew Gitkin
Piper Jaffray
Geoffrey Goodman
Wells Fargo Securities
Philip Ross
J.P. Morgan
Jennifer Sheng
Yaron Werber