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Andrew Pearlman


Galimedix Therapeutics

Dr. Andrew Pearlman has > 35 years’ experience founding and managing US/Israel biotechnology and medical device companies. A biophysicist, Dr. Pearlman has invented, licensed, developed and managed medical devices and biotechnologies from business and product concept through technology development, IP, clinical trials, regulatory approval, manufacturing, and product sales. Dr. Pearlman has raised > $120mm for new biomedical ventures he founded in Israel, including Medgenics, a gene therapy company he took from laboratory research stage through Phase 2 clinical trials and through IPOs on both the London Stock Exchange and the NYSE, building it to over $350 million in market cap. In the past year, Dr. Pearlman has founded Galimedix, built a world class team, completed seed financing and in-licensed the key technology. Dr. Pearlman holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from UC Berkeley, with doctoral thesis under Nobel Laureates Professors Melvin Calvin and Donald Glaser.

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