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Mark Day

Director, President & Chief Executive Officer

Bioasis Technologies Inc.

Mark Day, Ph.D. is a director and the president and chief executive officer at Bioasis. Dr. Day also serves as adjunct associate professor at Yale University. Dr. Day has more than 20 years of industry experience and has published more than 60 peer-reviewed manuscripts on translational medicine, impulsivity, stroke, cognitive dysfunction in neurological and psychiatric illness such as Alzheimer’s diseases and ADHD, including first authorships in Nature, Science, Nature Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Proceedings of the Royal Society. Dr. Day is also a member of the Aeromics, Inc. board of directors and serves on the compensation committee. Dr. Day earned his bachelor of science degree in biological psychology and his doctor of philosophy degree in neuroscience from Cardiff University. He completed his post doctorate studies in systems level neuroscience at The University of Edinburgh under Professor Richard G. Morris, FRS., FRSE.

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